Goram & Ghyston: The Bristol Giants


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This is a story about the first Bristol Giants and how the landscape of the beautiful city of Bristol came to be formed.

Once upon a time there were two brothers called Goram and Ghyston. They were no ordinary brothers – they were GIANTS.

One day, the brothers met and fell in love with a beautiful Princess called Avona who set them a task to decide who would win her hand in marriage.

It was a task that only one of them could win!


  1. Kathryn (bookshop owner)

    “It is absolutely fabulous! Love the story, illustrations and the quality of the book itself. It deserves to be a best seller!”

  2. Sebastian (aged 10)

    “Wonderful book”

  3. Megan (aged 2 and a half)

    “My mummy’s just read your book to me. I love it. Thank you.”

  4. Alison (Teacher – 10 at heart)

    “Thank you so much for your visit to Badock’s Wood School. The children loved it and keep asking about your next book.”

  5. Evie (aged 6)

    “I like your book, it is so good.”

  6. Ethan’s Dad (Ethan is 6!)

    “My son absolutely loves the story”

  7. Manon (aged 7)

    “I like you guys!!”

  8. Amelie’s Mum

    “I just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic book, my daughter who is 6 loves the story”

  9. Leanne (Parent)

    “Absolutely fantastic book!”

  10. Jo (Parent)

    “Keep up the good work, it’s a fabulous book!”

  11. The Bristol Parent (Mummy blogger)

    “I love the story, of course I love the story, but the pictures are just brilliant.”

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Working in partnership with The Lord Mayor of Bristol’s Children Appeal and Martha Care, two brilliant charities, we will be providing books to disadvantaged children and to children in hospital over the festive period.

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